How Hot Do You Want Your Engine?

How hot do you want your engine?



Change your thermostat temperature.


Starting in the late 80's governments started tightening automotive emission standards. Of the ways manufacturers are able to reduce nitrous oxide emissions is by increasing engine temperatures. Whereas in the muscle car era most engines used 180 degree thermostats, as a result of the tightening emissions standards it is very common for engines to use anywhere from 195 to 220 degree thermostats. Although those temperatures might be better for emissions, they are rarely optimal for power, reliability, and longevity. Especially on the boosted engines that are more and more common in high performance applications. Depending on your application, there may not even be thermostat elements with temperatures other than your factory installed temperature. With our inline thermostats you can select your temperature based on our application and environment. We can provide everything from 140 degrees to 190 degree thermostat elements.