Why an Inline Thermostat?

Move your thermostat to accessible location - Is your factory thermostat buried deep in the engine?
Or maybe down low on the engine like the Chevy LS or Ford Coyote in a position that drains most of the coolant if you remove it.
 Maybe you're are building an overland truck and would like have the option to remove the thermostat without losing all the coolant on the off chance it fails in the middle of nowhere.
Maybe you are looking to simplify complex hose routings to remove options for failure or complexity for quicker service.
Maybe you're doing an engine swap and your engine has a large outlet and the radiator has a medium size inlet - or vice versa and you need a way to adapt the different size hoses?
Or maybe your factory thermostat system is only available in limited temperature options and you would like to run the engine a bit cooler to improve performance or reduce detonation in boosted applications.
An inline thermostat can help you meet all of those objectives at relatively low cost. We have literally dozens of options to choose from so that you get just the right fit.