Jeep Wrangler JK 2012-2107 3.6L V6 Inline Thermostat Kit

$66.00 - $74.00
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Vehicle Make:
Vehicle Model:
Wrangler JK
Vehicle Year Range:
Vehicle Engine:
3.6 V6
Sensor Vent Port?:
Vent Port Size:
1/2 & 3/8"
  • 170 degree thermostat element
  • 180 degree thermostat element
  • 190 degree thermostat element
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Inline thermostat kit for Jeep Wrangler JK for year models 2012-2017 with the 3.6L V6 Engine. Did you know that most car manufacturers have shifted the thermostat temperatures from traditional 180 degree temperatures (optimal for fuel economy, performance, and reliability) to higher temperatures due to federal emissions regualtions?  The factory Jeep JK thermostat begins to open at 203 degrees F and aftermarket replacement are very rare and expensive.  Our kit uses easily replaceable standard thermostat elements in your choice of temperatures and can be replaced quickly with minimal coolant loss.  Dual sensor/vent ports, one 1/2" and One 3/8" NPT enable installation of aftermarket gauges easily.  Includes two paper gaskets, your choice of temperatures in one high flow quality thermostat, bolts, and nuts.  Thermostat delete option also available.


Installing is easy, just remove the factory thermostat element from inside the factory housing by pushing down on the retention bar while rotating until the bar is free.


JK Thermostat removal

Once free, you can just dispose of the factory internals and re-install the facotry housing.

Then just install the inline housing in the top hose and you are finished!

Now you can quickly change thermostat elements or even run without any element if necessary.  Install aftermarket guage sensors or fan controllers easily in the provided sensor ports.

Lifetime warranty

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